Statement of Need

Since moving into its current location in 2007, the Cincinnati Zen Center has had continual growth in its membership and attendance at regular practice, workshops and retreats. From 2006 to 2010, attendance at regular practice has tripled and attendance at workshops and retreats is often at full capacity. There has been an increase in demand for the “Introduction to Zen” workshop, producing waiting lists and requests for it to be presented more often. In the same time period, the distribution of the CZC Email Newsletter has increased 150 percent. The CZC would like a larger, permanent location that will serve its long-term growth and needs. Below are the essential characteristics of a new Cincinnati Zen Center space.


  • Proximity to natural areas suitable for meditative practice (possibility of nature trails or 0.5-1 acre garden)
  • Proximity to public transportation and a highway corridor in Cincinnati
  • Appropriate zoning for multi-use dwellings
  • Safe and adequate parking for 40 cars
  • Acceptability of cultural diversity and our practice forms in the surrounding neighborhood


  • A dharma hall large enough to hold 40 people for retreats and 100 for public talks (35 x 35 feet)
  • An interview room close to but separate from the dharma hall (10 X 6 feet)
  • Separate entry from dharma hall with space for coats and shoes
  • Natural lighting (sunlight through windows and/or skylights)
  • Multiple restrooms with a minimum of 4 separate toilets (possibility of bathing facilities in future)
  • A suitable kitchen (possibility of commercial grade kitchen in future)
  • Separate dining area


  • Possibility to house overnight retreat guests, with the potential for one or more future residential dwellings.