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"All beings cry out. . . listen.
All mistakes point the Way. . . listen.
Everything is Truth. . . listen.
Put aside self interest and help others."

"Find your original job and do it impeccably. Never give up. While failure is possible, there is nothing that cannot be transmuted. Our mistakes are our teachers and our alchemy is in our heart’s blood. Our breath is our point of entry to truth. It is with us always, as us, as all of creation. Find the breath in everything."

Zen Master Dae Gak

CZC Staff

Resident Teacher - Myogetsu Osho (Mark Davis)
Abbot - Dave Renke
Vice Abbot - Suz Croutwater
Vice Abbot - Joe Fisher
Director of Event Planning - Mark Shores
Treasurer - Joan Gilmore
Abbot Emeritus - Fran Turner
Abbot Emeritus - Annie Weisbrod
Abbot Emeritus - Todd Juengling
Abbot Emeritus - Mark Cronenweth

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3647 West 8th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45205

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Furnace Mountain Affiliates

Furnace Mountain

Zen Fellowship of Dayton, Asian Arts Center, 1630 E. Stroop Road Kettering, OH 45429

Christian Meditation Group, Northern Hills UMC, 6700 Winton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45224

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3647 west eighth street, cincinnati OH 45205      513-684-4216