Upcoming Furnace Mountain Events

The CZC is a satellite of the Furnace Mountain Zen Center in Powell County, Kentucky. Furnace Mountain offers monthly virtual retreats and other special events.



Event Descriptions

We appreciate that people have different life circumstances and welcome anyone, regardless of ability to financially contribute. While there are suggested donations listed for events, our payment window allows you to set the amount that works best for your life circumstances.

Precepts Discussion Group

1st Sundays, 9:45 - 11 am

Part of the tradition in our Zen lineage is the taking of Buddhist Precepts, which are principles and vows for cultivating lives of generosity, clarity, and compassion. The precepts group is meant to foster open dialogue for anyone who has taken the five precepts, sixteen precepts, or is just interested in living with more clarity and purpose. No preregistration or suggested donation required.

Special Chanting Service

3rd Sundays, 9:45 - 11 am

Our practice includes many chants we do not recite as part of our regular weekly sitting sessions, so once a month we gather to practice the current canon of chants used on retreat and in special ceremonies at Furnace Mountain, our home temple. No preregistration or suggested donation required.

Zen Topics with Myo Wol Soen-sa

Monthly - see Calendar on Main Page for dates & times

Myo Wol hosts this gathering that acts as a "Zen 201" for deepening knowledge and appreciation of the practice. Attending Intro to Zen or having been sitting with the CZC for a while are not prerequisites, but are very helpful for context and shared reference. Topics are announced on the calendar and will rotate among Ceremonial Forms (what we do in the Dharma Hall), Practice Forms (what we do while on the cushion), History of Zen Lineage & Buddhism, and Koan Study. No preregistration or suggested donation required.

Life Study

2nd Tuesdays, 6:30 - 8 pm

Zen is our practice of inquiry into unobstructed clarity about the nature of ourselves, others, and the world. But there is also the question of what we DO with this life and how we conduct it in the day-to-day challenge of responsibilities, relationships, and livelihood. Join CZC Resident Teacher Myo Wol Soen-sa for conversation looking into what makes life work well. Myo Wol will bring a tool or concept from dharma practice or his professional role as a wellness and life coach to initiate discussion. No preregistration or suggested donation required.

Yoga For Meditators

1st Tuesdays, 6 - 7:30 pm

3rd Saturdays, 10:30 am - Noon

(check calendar for exceptions)

This is a 90-min bimonthly class for basic beginner through intermediate practitioners. We focus on physical aspects of yoga that can prepare the body for sitting practice and relieve pain that can arise, and the experience of energy (prana/chi) movement. Participants learn safe alignment, how to use props normally found in a zen center, and multiple poses to work through 3-planes of motion in shoulders, hips, spine, and deeper awareness. Suggested donation is $15 per class on a drop-in basis (PayPal, cash, or check accepted). Preregistration not required. Taught by CZC Abbot Emeritus Annie Weisbrod, who has practiced yoga for 3 decades and is a certified yoga, fitness, and health coach (eRYT-500, ACE).

Zen Reading Group (Virtual)

3rd Tuesdays, 6:30 - 7:30 pm


Join us via Zoom on the third Tuesday of the month to explore books written or recommended by teachers in our lineage. We’ll read a selection each month, then gather virtually to share and discuss. Discussion will be moderated by CZC senior students. Zoom login is the same as for weekly virtual sitting. Preregistration not required.

Dharma Talk

Resident Teacher Myo Wol Soen-sa offers words of reflection and encouragement during second sitting period. No preregistration or suggested donation.

Dokusan (Interviews)

Myo Wol conducts brief one-on-one meetings during regular practice to discuss questions about practice or to take up koan inquiry. Koans are records (literally “public cases”) of interactions between historical Zen teachers and students that challenge the discursive mind and require Zen students to call upon direct experience for response. No preregistration or suggested donation.

Intro to Zen Workshop

This 3-hour workshop provides an orientation to sitting and walking meditation and opportunity to practice the forms. The format is interactive, with time for questions and discussion. Visiting Teachers from Furnace Mountain, Myo Wol, or senior CZC students lead the workshop. Suggested donation. Preregistration required.

Day-long In-person Retreat

This one-day retreat format is typically held on a Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm and is led by Myo Wol Soen-sa or visiting teachers from the Furnace Mountain sangha. Participants are expected to sit for the entire day to maintain consistency of the retreat experience. There are no on-site overnight accommodations, so participants must make their own arrangements if coming from out of town. Vegetarian lunch and dinner are provided. Suggested donation. Preregistration required. Previous sitting experience with the CZC or Furnace Mountain Sangha or related meditation retreat experience is helpful.

Furnace Mountain Day-Long Virtual Retreat

A day of silence and stillness online with the worldwide Furnace Mountain Sangha. The day is organized into four 2-hour practice blocks starting at 6 am and ending at 8 pm. A different teacher offers a Dharma Talk in each of the four sessions. Donations gratefully accepted. Preregistration required.

Day of Sitting

An informal all-day practice period organized by a senior student. The intent is to come together as Sangha to support deepening practice. One can sit for the entire day or segments of the day, depending on the schedule. Donations gratefully accepted. No preregistration required.

Ceremonial Forms Training

Senior students lead a training session for anyone interested in learning more about our forms: opening altar, keeping time, and leading chanting. No previous experience or registration required.

Sangha Meeting

Open meeting for all who wish to attend. We discuss our events schedule, finances, facilities, upcoming educational and community programs, and more. Bring snacks to share!

Zen & Tea Ceremony

Join us as we share aspects of Zen and Tea Ceremony. Presented as a meditational activity in the use of handcrafted implements, the bonding between host and guest, and the structured movements they share in making and drinking a bowl of matcha tea. The tea ceremony developed under the influence of Zen Buddhism, with the aim of purifying oneself by becoming one with nature. Explanation of tea etiquette, equipment, and vocabulary will be given so practitioners will be able to participate fully in the taking of tea. Hosted by Joe Haeng Sah Fisher, CZC's Vice Abbot who has taken the 16 precepts of our zen lineage and has completed tea studies in Nyūmon, Konarai, and Chabako of the Urasenke school. Preregistration not required.

Death Cafe

We gather to drink tea, eat cake, and discuss death. The aim is to increase awareness of death to help us make the most of this (finite) life. For more info about the background of this worldwide movement, or to host a Death Cafe yourself, see deathcafe.com. Free event but preregistration is required. Limited to 12 participants to support meaningful discussion.


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