Intro to Zen Workshop

This 3-hour workshop provides an orientation to Zen, sitting and walking meditation, open dialogue about Zen, and an opportunity to practice the meditation forms. The format is interactive, with plenty of time for questions. Good for beginners or for those seeking a refresher. Visiting Teachers from Furnace Mountain, our resident teacher Myogetsu Osho, or senior CZC students lead the workshop. Donations gratefully accepted. Preregistration required.

Beginner's Sessions

We begin with a brief overview of sitting posture, then commence with an abbreviated version of our regular practice: recitation of the Heart Sutra, a 20-minute sitting period, 10-minute walking meditation, then another 20-minute sitting period, with some time for questions and reflections at the close. Experienced practitioners are very welcome to attend, too, of course. No preregistration required.

Meditation for Kids

Children and parents will participate in sitting, chanting, and walking meditation. Also included is a reading, talk, or dialogue practice, with time for questions, and a light snack. The goal is to involve children in all aspects of meditation practice in a safe, structured, and supported way that allows them to personally look into the function, meaning, and direction of their own lives. Intended for children age 6 – 13, accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Meditation for Kids is led by Todd Juengling and other senior students. Todd has been practicing at CZC since 2002, and served as Abbot from 2011 – 2015, and has two young daughters. Todd has been teaching since 2001, and currently works as an intervention specialist with Cincinnati Public Schools. Open to all, no preregistration, suggested donation, or meditation experience is required.

Weekend Retreat

Retreats with Zen Master Dae Gak begin at 8 am Saturday morning and end with lunch on Sunday. There are no on-site overnight accommodations. Participants are expected to sit the entirety of the retreat if possible to maintain consistency of the retreat experience. Vegetarian meals are provided. Suggested donation $90. Preregistration required. Previous sitting experience with the CZC or Furnace Mountain Sangha or related meditation retreat experience is also required.

One-Day Retreat

The One-Day Retreat form, led by Resident Teacher Myo Wol Son-sa or visiting teachers from Furnace Mountain, begins at 8 am and ends at 8 pm, and includes sitting and walking meditation, a Dharma talk, and interviews. Participants are expected to sit the entirety of the day to maintain consistency of the retreat experience. Vegetarian lunch and dinner are provided. Suggested donation $50 ($20 students). Preregistration required.

One-Day Intensive

Resident Teacher Myo Wol or visiting teachers from Furnace Mountain lead this 5-hour practice session, which includes sitting and walking meditation, and a Dharma talk. It is designed for those considering retreats and looking to experience more continuity in sitting. Commences at 11 am, after regular practice. Suggested donation $30 ($10 students). Preregistration required.

Day of Sitting

This is an informal all-day practice period organized by a senior student. The intent is to come together as Sangha (community) to support the deepening of one's practice. Donations gratefully accepted. Preregistration required.


Myo Wol conducts one-on-one meetings during regular practice. These meetings are opportunities to discuss questions about practice or to take up koan inquiry. Koans are records (literally “public cases”) of interactions between historical Zen teachers and students that challenge the discursive mind and require Zen students to call upon direct experience, rather than the story or opinion of one’s experience, for response.

Dharma Talks / Readings

A Dharma Talk is a public discourse by a teacher, usually sharing a koan, and is offered by Myo Wol typically on the first Sunday of the month. A talk by one of our senior students is offered typically on the third Thursday evening practice of each month. See the Event Calendar for dates, however, since they sometimes shift during the month to accommodate other events and personal schedules.

Sutra Reading & Discussion Group

Monthly 1-hour discussion group to support reading and reflection upon the Buddhist Sutras. Open to all levels of experience, no preregistration required. (See Events Calendar for schedule, and contact Suz Croutwater through the CZC email for more info).

Ceremonial Forms Training

Senior students lead a training session for anyone interested in learning more about ceremonial forms: opening altar, keeping time, and leading chanting. No previous experience or registration required. Typically offered the last Sunday of the month after second session at 10:30 am (see Events Calendar for schedule).

Sangha Meeting

Open meeting for all who wish to attend. Everyone is welcome. We discuss our events schedule, finances, facilities, upcoming educational and community programs, and more. Bring food to share, if you wish.

Yoga for Meditators

This workshop is designed to improve alignment and flexibility in sitting posture to help minimize discomfort during zazen practice. Participants should wear clothing suitable for movement. Offered by certified yoga instructor and Abbot Emeritus Annie Weisbrod. Suggested donation $25. Preregistration required.

Buddha's Enlightenment Celebration

Join us for our annual special practice session to commemorate Buddha's Enlightenment. See Events Calendar for schedule and details. Open to all, no preregistration or suggested donation required.

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